Our Products - Fluorescent/ Metallic Ink

Web-offset Inks used forachieveing bright colors


1. Fluorescent Inks:

  • processed-colors

Consider using fluorescent inks to achieve bright colors, particularly on colored stocks. These inks are sometimes addes to CMYK mixes to intensify the colors. These do not behave on press like regular PMS colors, more ink is needed than with non-fluorescent colors, and it is harder to match these colors to the inks in color swatch books.



    2. Metallic Inks:

    • processed-colors

    Metallics can also add variety to your printed pieces. Keep in mind, though, that the metals used may tarnish, and the ink may scuff. Consider varnishing the metallic to minimize scuffing, but remember that varnish will also subdue the metallic sheen somewhat.